Happy new year to our Center City Church family! I’m so excited about the days ahead for our community. Four words sum up our desire for you at Center City Church in 2013: Read. Pray. Gather. Go. 

Every person at Center City gets a free Moleskine journal.  Included in this journal is a Bible reading plan. Every day there will be a selected reading for you. Read this with the knowledge that God is speaking to you. Read slowly.  Before and after you’ve read, take some time and quiet your heart. Ask God to show you something about Himself and about yourself. If you miss a day’s reading, don’t beat yourself up and try furiously to catch up. Just wake up and start fresh on the new day. The goal of this is not for you to read the Bible through in a year. The goal is for you to get to know God. We have included a page in this journal that will help you practically engage the Scriptures through journaling and prayer.
Spiritual formation, the progressive transformation into Christlikeness, is not intended to be a private affair. Our entire community is reading through this plan together throughout the year. With this in mind, we have Life Groups to walk with you on the journey. These are groups of people that simply decide to gather on a weekly basis to talk about what God is showing them through the Word and wrestle with questions together.
We believe that the natural byproduct of knowing God intimately is devoting our lives to His service in His Kingdom. That means we serve our communities with the tender love of Jesus. It is in this context that we then obey the imperative of Jesus from Matthew 28 to go into all the world and make disciples of Jesus.
For more information, contact Pastor Joseph Phillips.
Read. Pray. Gather. Go.
**This reading plan can be found online at YouVersion.com or on your mobile phone by using the YouVersion app and searching for the Life Journal reading plan.