What are you doing to intentionally move toward racial and economic unity/diversity in your church or organization?

This is a question that is vitally important to ministering/leading in the context of our culture. The world is watching. I think that the church and God-honoring organizational leaders can be a shining beacon of light that stand out in the darkness.

However, there has to be a practical plan.

Seeing churches respond to the message of my book, Neighborliness, has been awesome, but I my favorite piece of the journey has been seeing the way that pastors and community leaders have reached out to me asking about next steps.

I believe that churches need to naturally address issues of racial and economic injustice well after the national attention on this topic dies down. However, this needs to be done in a strategic, intentional, and courageous way that shows understanding of the depth and complexity of these issues in our churches and organizations.

I had the joy of working with Dr. Mike Rakes at Winston-Salem First Assembly to develop a six-month plan to practically help churches and organizations move toward racial and economic diversity/unity.

Courageous leaders take courageous, intentional, and strategic steps. I have seen pastoral teams and leadership teams of churches and organizations take courageous steps for personal and systemic change in their church and community.

If you’re interested in taking a similar journey, I would love to help you develop a plan. If I’m not the right person, I would love to point you to others that can help you develop your plan. The bottom line is this: every church and every organization needs a plan.

Loving God and neighbors is the single most important thing that we can do in our expression of faith (Mark 12:28-34). We simply cannot love our neighbors if we do not seek to understand each other.

If you’re interested in taking this journey together, reach out to me at www.daviddocusen.com.

Let’s do this. For the sake of our neighbors and for the glory of God.

Love God and neighbors.