One of my initial responses to this weekend at Center City is how much enjoyment Dara and I get from simply doing life with this church. We had another great service today. We worshiped together and then simply opened Joshua 5 and worked our way through the entire chapter. The people responded to the challenge of God’s Word and then we prayed for the sick and hurting. We believed together for miracles. And then we had a wonderful couple of hours of chatting, eating and enjoying each others company.

I am blown away by how much satisfaction I feel from being a part of what God is doing in this city. We have huge dreams (see the blog post about opening a coffeehouse/venue in the heart of our city), but that pales in comparison to the enjoyment I feel from actually experiencing friendship and community.

I am sure that the dreams that God has placed in our hearts will come to pass. But our reality is so enjoyable it makes me not want to miss what is happening now. Praise God for all he has done and all that is to come!

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