I have so fallen in love with walking the streets of Uptown Charlotte. I love spending time praying for our community. For each person as they pass me by in the busyness of Uptown life. For each family that is connected to each person. For the opportunities to come in the future that we can share the love and life found in Christ with so many.

I love the pace of the city. I love the sounds of the city. Buses rolling by. People talking on cell phones. Sirens in the distance. City life. All five senses. I love it.

This city has captured my heart. I pray that God keeps us here forever. That’s my request. I look forward to the day where we will have a permanent space in the city to enjoy. Every day. I like the sound of that!

I’m praying for our friends and family at Center City today as I walk. Praying that God’s word would be a lamp to guide their feet and a light for their path (Psalm 119:105). And I’m praying for all those that I’ve yet to meet. And those that have yet to meet Jesus. It’s a good day in the city.