We have entered a new season of ministry at Center City Church. Faith is running at an all time high and we are expecting God to do miracles each time we gather and in our every day lives. God has really challenged us to step out in faith and pray for people to be healed from both physical and emotional ailments. And we are doing just that tomorrow morning in our service.

I believe that God responds to our level of faith. And I’m believing that the sick are going to be healed, the broken are going to be restored and salvation will be found for all that call on the name of the Lord. I’ve never had this much confidence before. And it’s not in our talents or our team. It’s in God.

He is faithful and unchanging. He’s done miracles before, he will do them again. I’m praying we see that come to pass tomorrow as we gather together. Join us if you can! (www.centercitychurch.net)