I feel like coming back home has given me perspective on being in Charlotte. I miss home. Crazy, huh? I’m the same guy that said I would never leave Orlando, yet here I am driving around Orlando thinking about Charlotte. I love coming back and seeing my family and friends, but I am genuinely excited about getting back to Charlotte.

I love how God works. I remember talking to a dear friend, Malcolm du Plessis, several years ago and he told me “home is where God plants you.” That is so true. Home is Charlotte and I am so grateful for that. I love the fact that God has put a love in our heart for this amazing community. On the drive down here, Dara and I spent some time talking about different ideas that she has for reaching out to our community. It’s so great to dream together.

Who knows how many times I will say this on this blog, but I love Charlotte. I love what we are doing. Thank God for perspective.