I found myself this morning driving to Uptown Charlotte this morning to work. I am currently sitting in the Bank of America building at a Caribou Coffee (delicious) working on my message for this weekend at Hope and taking care of random details related to our move to Mallard Creek Elementary in a few weeks.

As I was walking the streets of Uptown this morning, I found myself not even knowing what to pray. Ever been there? There is so much going on right now. Moving the church. Mike’s wife, Denise, is still in the hospital with a sickness so confusing even the doctors are baffled. Preaching this weekend. Buying and selling tech equipment (as if I know anything about these areas). All of this while still believing for God to do amazing things in the future. Put all of that together and you have an overstuffed burrito of life.

The thought hit me as I was walking and praying in the Spirit: When you don’t know what to pray…PRAY.

The Bible encourages us in the first part of Ephesians 6:18 to “Pray in the Spirit at all times and on every occasion.”

“At all times” even includes – I would say that it especially includes – the times that we do not know what to pray. When you are overwhelmed. When there’s too much. When the challenge is too big. When words fail.

I am encouraged today by the knowledge that I serve a God that allows me to come confidently before his throne to lay requests directly before him. There is warmth, love, care and interest from my God as I talk to him. He wants me to ask confidently for the things that I want or need. Even when I don’t know what to say.

When you don’t know what to pray…PRAY.