God is doing so many amazing things in Charlotte. There are churches and expressions of faith all over town that are so inspiring as they preach and teach the message of Christ.

Elevation Church is one of the most creative, fastest growing churches in the country. They are 10 minutes from us. Mosaic Church is reaching the twentysomething demographic in North Charlotte in relevant and engaging ways. The Branch Church is one of the most genuine, loving family of believers that I have ever seen. CharlotteONE is an inter-denominational gathering of 600+ young professionals every Tuesday in Uptown Charlotte. These are just a handful of examples of some amazing churches in town. So where does Center City Church fit into the mix?

I believe deeply that the vision that God put in our hearts for Center City Church is exactly that: God’s vision. And his vision for this town includes many great churches. Center City Church is simply a piece of that puzzle. We are here only to play the role that God has for us. We are no better, more creative, more loving, more compassionate, etc. than these other great churches. But we are called. We are called to play our role in the amazing story that God is writing in Charlotte.

I believe in this message. I believe in this town. I believe in unity. I believe that God is doing amazing things through some amazing churches in Charlotte. Center City is privileged to play our role in this story.