We would have never made it to Charlotte without the kindness of John Norris. He is a man in the church that allowed us to stay in his home RENT FREE until we got things settled in Orlando with our condo. The home was so cute, albeit a bit small for our family of 5. That open door allowed us to make the move and get here.

Last week, a woman in our community found out about Dara and I. She heard that we were looking to find a bigger home to rent in the Charlotte area. She talked back and forth with Hutch and Adrian Vollendorf (friends of ours from Hope) and she said that she had a home that she would be flexible on the price with us.

Turns out that the house that she was talking about is a 4,000 square foot, 6 bed/4.5 bath house in a ridiculously nice part of town. She gave it to us for a fraction of the normal asking price for a rental in that community!

The kids absolutely love it. We moved in last week and have taken the week to get settled. Max and Mary refer to it as their “big huge house”. It’s so great to see them be able to spread out across the house and have their own areas to play.

God is so good to us. I’m so grateful for our big huge house 🙂