The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. There are so many good things happening right now. We’re experiencing a type of momentum that I’ve never seen or felt before. And while that is surely a great feeling, it comes along with a huge caution.

If I am not careful, I can lose my ability to operate in creativity. When the pace gets so fast, I can reach a point that I am no longer creating new things and spending time praying that God give vision and direction. I am simply regressing into survival mode. Attempting to keep up with the emails, meetings, being a great husband and father, etc.

I have two simple thoughts that I try to apply to my life when the pace gets abnormally fast. Thought I’d share them with anyone else out there that might share these same challenges.

1. Stay close to your calendar. I have found that my calendar helps me to organize my life and keep everything in order. I love being spontaneous, but that is not afforded most of the time. Many times, spontaneity means that you just skipped your 10am appointment.

2. Delegate. This is one of the hardest things for leaders to do at times. We want to ensure that everything is done the way “we” want it done. I think this is especially hard for church planters or entrepreneurs in the early days of their church/business. But the bottom line is that delegating frees you up to operate in creativity. And it also comes with the added bonus that someone else is learning new things, gaining confidence and is growing into the leader that you will need as your organization continues to grow.

Operate in creativity today, not survival mode. We won’t always be perfect at this, but everyone around us will benefit when we are leading from a healthy place (and a healthy pace).