I am such a huge fan of what Craig Groeschel is doing at LifeChurch.tv!

Craig is an innovator, author and front line leader in the Kingdom. I love the bold move he made to completely open source all of the things that they do at LifeChurch.tv. The basic idea is that God has blessed them with a great team of creative minds and they have created a whole section of their website to give away all of their ideas – graphics, videos, sermons, etc.

This idea is phenomenal for the local church. So many pastors have gone this same route and it’s a direction we plan to go with Hope as we continue to develop our new website website. Phase 2 will include a downloads section for us to share what God has given us.

As for now…any time I ever post design things or sermon ideas, please feel free to use them if they help in any way. We all spend so much time and energy on these things for a 4-6 week series, it’s great to see that they gain momentum and future life through open sourcing and sharing ideas.