I recently wrote this letter to a group of friends at Center City Church. Seemed appropriate to put it on my blog so that as many people from our community as possible can get on the same page with where we are headed in 2013 as a church family.


If you want to know where God is taking us as a church family in 2013, check out the front page of our website and click on the first picture you see (read, pray, gather, go). This is a simple gathering of people who want to dig into the Word together. It’s not formed by the leaders, but by the people in our church that choose to engage the Word in the context of community. In my mind’s eye, I can see people gathering at coffee shops, restaurants, living rooms, break rooms, etc. all across our city. I hope every one of you catches the vision of joining together in unity and that even now you are already thinking about a handful of people that you can dig into this together. 
Let’s join together and try to do something I’ve never seen accomplished quite like this: an entire church community gathering around the Word. Reading the same thing at the same time. Talking. Praying. Wrestling. Gaining understanding. Growing. 
As I read thru the Word, I’m reminded that disciples are not mass produced. They are hand crafted and uniquely designed. As each one of us learns how to read the Word and apply it to our lives, we grow in our relationship with God and learn to hear his voice through his Word. 
That’s a picture that I’m willing to fight for to see accomplished. Let’s do this together. We’ll be sharing more in the next few weeks as we lead up to January 1, but I wanted to write you, personally, to make sure we are all on the same page as we move into this new season. Love you guys!
Check it out…. www.centercitychurch.net

Pastor David