Dara, John Gum, Will Morgan and I spent the morning rummaging thru Concord First Assembly’s storage area. They were cleaning out all of their old stuff, and before they threw stuff away they gave us a chance to see what we could use.

We ended up finding thousands of dollars of stuff (curtains, rugs, toys, chairs, etc) that was useless to them and perfect for us. So cool to see the way that God has brought together this partnership with CFA and Center City Church. They have been such a blessing to us. We even found an old school overhead projector (circa 1970’s). We totally snagged that. Don’t even know what we’ll use it for, but it’s ours now!

Pastor Rick Ross (lead pastor at CFA) came out last night to our Center City meeting. He shared his heart to see our church be a huge success. And he committed to our team that he will do everything he can to help us do just that. It was great to have him with us and to share an evening together in our neck of the woods.

Pastor Rick has also given me the incredible opportunity to speak at CFA on Sunday morning. He asked me to share the vision of our church with his congregation. So excited to tell our story. So grateful for the opportunity. This is a wonderful representation of the body of Christ coming together to accomplish purposes greater than our own.

Services are at 9am and 11am. If you are local, come check out what God is doing in this partnership between CFA and Center City Church!