We are back in Hopewell, VA after a VERY interesting past couple of days. Let me explain.

We left New Jersey on Saturday morning and were en route to our next stop…Eaton, OH. The pastor of that church called us and told us that a terrible snow monsoon (I just made that term up) had hit Ohio and they were canceling their services for the weekend. He told us that it was too unsafe for us to continue traveling and it would be wise to stop and head south. We stopped at a gas station in the middle of Pennsylvania and I literally got out a map of the USA and just stared at it for several minutes. Our next stop was not until Monday night in Charlotte, so I had two full days with 21 people and no plan of where to go. You gotta love the unexpected things in life…

One of our students suggested that we should attend the Saturday evening service at Ebenezer’s Coffeehouse in Washington DC. We had stopped there on the way up to New Jersey and the students were really intrigued by the idea of having a service at a coffeehouse. We turned south and did just that. What a great experience.

After the service ended, Ginny comes along with “that” look on her face. She said that a storm knocked out her water and power on her farm (no showers and toilets…bad combo) and we couldn’t go from DC to her house that night. Again…STUCK! We finally just decided to get a hotel and call it a night.

The next morning Dayne, Ben and I got up early and attended two of the services that National Community Church holds in movie theaters in DC. It was great to see a very different approach to ministry. I could tell the wheels were really spinning in our minds as we took in the experience. The rest of the day was filled with taking in the sights and historical landmarks of our nation’s capital. Awesome day.

We finally made it to the farm and now we are off to Charlotte, NC. God has really blessed us with a great group of people that are really flexible. We are so enjoying the random moments of each day 🙂

I love my life.