Max (6), Mary (5) and Jack (3) have been absolutely fascinated with dinosaurs ever since PBS Kids launched their new show, Dinosaur Train. They already know way more than Dara and I combined about this topic.

We spent the morning chasing each other around the house. I was an omnivore (plant eater/meat eater) and they were the carnivores (meat eater only). The whole family got involved. Even Baby Ben (17 months) was chasing and growling.

There’s nothing that I value more on this side of heaven than time spent with my family. That is, after all, my greatest calling. It can be as simple as an imaginary game of omnivores vs. carnivores. The day after Father’s Day has been filled with time spent together. And that’s the way it should be.

For all you moms and dads out there, what can you do today to ignite the imagination of your kids and make some unforgettable memories together?