We endured the longest 8-hour drive in history yesterday. That’s how long it’s SUPPOSED to take to get to Charlotte from Orlando. Throw 3 kids 4 years and younger into that mix and you get a 12-hour drive instead.

It was so exciting to cross the NC state line last night. The kids were so excited. Dara and I both had the sense that we had just arrived home. I am reminded of something our dear friend, Malcolm du Plessis, once told us: home is where God has you. God has us in Charlotte and it definitely feels like home.

Justin and Melody Leedy came over today to give us a hand moving in to the home that has been given (GIVEN!) to us to stay in til our house sells. I still can’t believe how much stuff our kids have. It’s crazy. We took our time today and enjoyed ourselves as we got everything in the house.

We’ll get back to work tomorrow unpacking and such, but it’s just so great to be here. We’re so blessed. God has been so faithful. The road that we live on is “Ebenezer Road”. That name – Ebenezer – is mentioned in the Bible. It means “hitherto the Lord has helped us”. A friend of mine translates that as “so far, so God.” I look around at all God has done and am simply amazed. God has helped us to this point and he will continue to do so.

We are so very blessed.