A couple of months ago, I wrote a blog called “Moving to the Center of the Board”. I explained that a basic strategy in chess was to control the center of the board. If you can accomplish this simple plan, you are in prime position to attack or defend. I related that to the fact that Dara and I felt God’s call to move to Uptown Charlotte (the community where we are planting Center City Church). We believed that he was moving us to the “center of the board” in Charlotte. This move would help us understand our culture better, quickly react to the needs of our community, etc.

We had an amazing door open at a beautiful townhome in Uptown. Perfect location. Less than a half mile from the school we wanted Max to attend. And that door promptly slammed in our faces days before we were to move, leaving us confused and wondering if we had heard God clearly.

Fast forward a couple of months. We are still living 20 miles north of Uptown Charlotte. That same door opened again. Or maybe God’s been propping it open all along. But the bottom line is that we just signed the papers on the same home that we attempted to get three months ago. Only difference? It’s $200/month less than it was originally.

We move into our new home on December 1st. I’ve learned along the way that God knows what he’s doing at all times, even if it is confusing to us. So excited to finally move to Uptown!