I believe that yesterday may have been the most significant Sunday in the brief history of Hope Church. We had our final service at the Starlight Theater. It was great, but that in itself was not what I found to be so telling of where we are at as a church and how far we have come in eight months.

We asked our people to stick around and help pack everything up and make the move to Mallard Creek Elementary school. We had well over 50 people stay to help load the U-Haul. Another 35-40 people actually made the drive to the school to help us unload.

We came to Charlotte with no official core group of people that completely believed in us or our vision. We started Hope with around 25-30 people that found us through word of mouth and recommendation of friends. We had to build relationships and let people get to know us on the fly as we continued to grow. Sunday showed us that God has truly brought together a core of people that love and believe in Hope Church. They serve faithfully and with a great spirit.

Our move to Mallard Creek feels, in many ways, like we are launching a new church again. Only this time we have unity, like spirits, motivation and a LOT more equipment 🙂

I love what I do. I love Hope Church. I love the people that fill our world. What a great, great day in the life of our church.