We all love the mountaintop. The view is beautiful. It’s what every climber lives for, right? To see all the beauty from that perch thousands of feet in the sky. But here’s the reality: life can’t be sustained on the mountaintop.

I’ll take it even a step further: What are we observing from the mountaintops? We are observing the beauty that can be seen as look down into the valleys. Let that sink in for a moment.

If we are going to describe life as a journey filled with mountaintops and valleys, we might need a bit of perspective. Mountaintops are usually referred to as the great seasons of life. Valleys are generally referred to in a negative connotation. But God has really changed my view on the valleys.

The healthiest seasons of my life have come during my seasons “in the valley.” When my view is limited to the things that are directly around me. When I am in seasons of painful growth. Every once in a while, I find myself on the top of a mountain. It’s during those seasons that I can look around and see the beauty that God produced in the valley.

If you are on top of a mountain right now, enjoy the view. But realize that life can’t be sustained at the top of mountains. Life grows, healthy and strong, in the valleys.

Don’t despise the valleys. Embrace the growth. It’s producing something absolutely beautiful. You’ll see it soon from the mountaintop.