The original idea was to do a sermon series called I Love Charlotte during the month of August at Center City Church. We would focus on Christ-centered service in our community and combine that with service projects throughout our community.

I’m happy to say that it went amazing. But it has become so much more than I originally thought.

During this series, I have prayed that God would spark a commitment to lifelong service to our community and our world. I have been blown away by the creativity and passion of our church as they have responded to this call to love and service. I am getting emails, phone calls, Facebook messages, etc. from so many people that have ideas and motivation to jump in and serve our city and beyond.

God gave us an amazing idea. And I’m so excited to day that we could only see a small part of it at the beginning.

Hold your dreams with an open hand and an open heart. The reality may just be way more than you originally thought.