That title pretty much epitomizes my life these days.

I started off this morning and spent a couple hours with a very close friend, Sasha Golin. It is so surreal wrapping up our time here in Orlando. Sasha and his entire family have been a huge part of my life since I was a teenager. It is still hard to believe that the goodbyes are really happening.

Max, Mary and I went to a couple liquor stores today…to get boxes of course. It was quite comical to hear Max go up to Dara tonight and say “Mommy, I’m going to the liquor store with Daddy.” We had so much fun cleaning out the boxes from the store and bringing them home. Life is so much fun sharing it with my wee little Docusens 🙂

Dara and I had a great dinner tonight at PF Chang’s with Ed and Michele Moon. It’s so fun sharing our story of what we’re doing in Charlotte. I’ve shared it countless times in the past several months and it NEVER gets old 🙂