I will never forget meeting Hunter and Ranaye 5 years ago. Ranaye was my co-worker at Caribou Coffee and Hunter was her boyfriend. They gave their heart to Jesus and began to pursue him with so much passion. It inspired me. Four months later, Hunter was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease (cancer). After eight months of chemotherapy, Hunter and Ranaye got married and found themselves walking through this season together. Their faith became stronger and their response was simple: we have to do something to share the message of Jesus with those who have not heard. 
They are now preparing to move to Japan. Their goal is to share this same message of freedom, healing and salvation that they have experienced with so many in Japan. 
We have an incredible opportunity as a church family to get behind them both in prayer and with financial support. They have already raised 70% of their financial goal and we can help them cross the finish line. They are only $500 per month away from being sent to Japan. I believe we can do this out of our church family. 
Will you consider supporting them on a monthly basis? You can be a part of the work of Jesus going to Japan. Let’s do our part, together. 
For more information on supporting Hunter and Ranye,  email Hunter.