This has been one of the most important weeks in the life of Center City Church. For so long, Dara and I dreamed of starting church in a community we love with people we love. That happened Easter 2unday 2010. And four months later, I believe we have stepped into a new season that has introduced us to the role and the personality of our church in this city.

I have been teaching a series called “I Love Charlotte” for the past three weeks. This series has been accompanied by several different service projects throughout our community. Habitat for Humanity. Charlotte Rescue Mission. Friendship Trays. A landscaping and beautification project at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School. It is my belief that when you truly love someone or something, it naturally leads you to serve. Every time. And this is no different in our love for our city. If we truly love our city, we will serve her. Because true love is willing to sacrifice comfort for the better of the one that is loved.

My prayer is that this month and this series will spark a lifelong commitment to live out our faith in practical ways. Loving and serving our community.

I Love Charlotte.