This is a crazy season of life, but I’m so encouraged to say that Dara and I are living out our dreams every day. We are finishing an amazing season at Hope Church (this week is our last Sunday) and beginning another season that we’ve dreamed about for over 5 years.

God put church planting in our hearts so deeply over lunch at a Chili’s in Altamonte Springs, FL in 2004. We are now taking steps to seeing that dream become a reality in the Fall of 2009. Let me just say this: it was worth the wait. I’m so grateful for every season that we have walked through during that time of waiting. The ups and downs, challenges and victories, mountaintops and valleys. All of these things have produced faith, resolve, experience, passion and so much more.

I’m so grateful for all of the experiences of life that have led to this point. I’m so grateful that Dara and I are living our dream.