An entire community, gathered around the Word. That is our aim for 2013 at Center City Church. 

On top of reading the same Scriptures together all year long, we will also be forming Life Groups all across our city to dig into the journey in the context of community. The following is a list of FAQ’s that will help you get a feel for what these groups are and what they are not. 

If you have any questions, email Pastor Joseph Phillips


What is a Life Group?
A Life Group is simply a group of people that decide to get together once a week and discuss what God is showing them in the Word.  
How do the groups run? Is there a leader?
This is not a small group. There is not one designated leader that comes to teach each week. For the purpose of logistics there will be one facilitator per group. This person is responsible to communicate date/time/place to group members. The facilitator is also the person that will communicate with pastoral staff with any questions or needs.
What if I’m new or I can’t find a group?
Contact Pastor Joseph who will have a list of groups and facilitators by emailing him at [email protected].
Who can start a group? How?
Anyone. Gather a group of friends that you enjoy spending time with and let Pastor Joseph know so we can help support you.
What if I didn’t do any of my reading this week?
Come anyway and hear what God spoke to your brothers and sisters. There is not an ounce of judgment in these groups.
What if no one in my group did their reading this week?
Meet anyway. It’s just as much about consistently sharing life together.
How long should we meet each week?
A meeting can last between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.
What do we do when we meet?
Catch up with each member of the group, pray, and discuss the week’s reading. Ask questions like, “What is happening in the texts? What is God showing you? What is puzzling? What is God trying to get you to do?” etc…
Where can we meet?
Wherever the group wants to meet. Coffee shops, homes, etc. Anywhere you would normally hang out with friends.
What if I already know I can’t do a whole year?
Be up front with the group about those details and don’t sweat it. We’re not trying to be legalistic about this. We’re simply trying to provide the space for people to grow.
Are the groups co-ed?
There are no restrictions on any groups.
What if I need/want to change groups?
Since the groups are voluntary and are largely self-forming, you get to choose who you want to be in a group with. In the rare occasion that one would need to switch groups they would be as free as they were initially to leave their group and join another one at their discretion and the discretion of the other group.
How many people would makes a group too small?
If there are at least 2 people, it’s a party!
Does everyone in the group have to go to our church?  What if they go to a different church?  What if they don’t go to church at all?
Anyone can be in a group.
What if we want to add someone to our group mid-year?
What if we have [doctrinal/theological] questions?
Talk them out in your group. Wrestle with these questions. When you arrive at something that you just can’t find an answer to, contact one of our pastors.
I’ve tried to read my Bible through in a year before, and I failed.  Why is this year going to be different?
It may not be. It’s going to be hard but worth it. This time you will have an entire congregation doing this along with you. There is comfort in that.
What are the characteristics of a healthy group?
Great conversation, deep relationships, and lives shaped and changed by the Word.
What if I’m new to all of this and I’m scared to ask dumb-sounding questions? I have little or no knowledge about the Bible and church, is this for me?
There is no judgment. Simple questions often are the most profound. Everything is clothed in love.
Do I have to be a Christian to attend a group?