I am absolutely NOT a Los Angeles Lakers fan. This post needs to start with that. The Orlando Magic will rise this coming year and bring the NBA championship to O-town (admittedly, Orlando was my home for 21 years).

However, I just read that the starting point guard of the Lakers, Derek Fisher, turned down more lucrative contract offers to stay with his championship team. That is a great story in itself, but not quite what caught my attention.

After giving his reasons for staying in Los Angeles, Fisher made the statement, “Let the hunt for six begin.”

People that achieve greatness have a seemingly endless amount of motivation. Only a few short weeks ago, the Lakers were celebrating their championship. But instead of resting on their victory, the hunt for another has already begun.

I think it’s easy to relax once we have accomplished huge goals. Now, I’m all for celebrating victories. Enjoying the moment. Appreciating the journey. But there are more hills to climb. More victories to achieve. And more incredible moments to experience with friends, family and colleagues.

Never stop going for greatness. Whatever that means in your arena. If you haven’t reached your goals yet, keep on trying. If you have accomplished something great, go for something greater.

Let the hunt for six begin.

Go Magic.