Dara and I stood in the lobby of the conference center tonight telling some fellow church planters our story. We told them about leaving Orlando, responding to God’s call to Charlotte, raising our funds, etc.

We shared with them the last four months of our journey. We told them about the fact that we completely ran out of money in January and have been walking every day in faith ever since for our finances. We shared with them the present reality of our life. As we stood there in that lobby, we were 3 days away from our next pay period and around $1,000 short of our budget.

I looked them straight in the eyes and said “even if God doesn’t provide the money in time for our paycheck in three days, he will provide it by the time we need it, no doubt.” We have simply learned that God knows how to care for us. He will not let us down. Little did I know that there was an amazing group of men meeting in Orlando. They were praying for us and God put it on their hearts for their church to start supporting us at $500/month – starting tomorrow.

God is faithful. I cannot see him or touch him physically, but he has shown himself to Dara and I more times than I can count. He always provides. He really cares. He loves us and loves you so very much. Of this I am sure.

Be encouraged as you read this: he really cares, he sees every need, hears every prayer, knows every heart and listens to our cries for help. He remembers when and what we need and provides exactly on time. My life will never be the same because I have been marked by my God that cares.

Thank you, God, for your provision. Again.