Dara and I have a precious friend that has recently given her heart to Christ. She is filled with intrigue and questions about God. Each question leads to another as she discovers the limitless love of God.

I love her intrigue. Her questions sharpen my faith. She is helping Dara and I to dialogue about aspects of our faith that may have become complacent. Like in any relationship, intrigue is lost when you take things for granted.

For example:

Dara explained the idea of baptism with our friend a few weeks ago. She explained the symbolism of stepping into the water as a symbol of our old life and being fully washed clean with the water and coming up a new creation. Our friend’s response? “That is beautiful.”

I have been in the church my entire life. I can honestly say that I had let the idea of baptism become complacent in my life. I needed a new set of eyes to see it from a fresh perspective. Her intrigue, her questions, her hunger to learn has led me to appreciate my God all the more.

I pray that complacency would be replaced with intrigue, wonder and awe in the same way that our friend is experiencing it today. May my faith be exciting, fresh and new each day.