Our children are not calm. Calm is just not a word that could describe the Docusen trio. They are very well behaved children, but their energy level is likened to a constant IV of Red Bull running through their veins. Starting at 8am they rev up their engines. 2pm they recharge during nap time and they kick it back into high gear until 9pm. That’s the pace of our life.

Dara made another observation today that was so fitting. She said that Jack (our youngest) is filled with “intense curiosity”. He gets into everything. He is like a toddler version of a human wrecking ball. The world is his playground and he’s pre-wired to explore every last part of it. He lives life like it’s his seek and destroy mission.

Cabinets. Toys. Computers. Garbage. Video shelves. Christmas tree. Beds that are made are only meant to be messed up again. Intense curiosity. That’s our boy.

Let’s add another one to the mix 🙂