I am teaching on Mark 4:35-41 tomorrow morning at Center City Church. It’s yet another account from the life of Jesus that shows his ability to overcome the impossible. A hurricane-forced storm comes upon his disciples, they become terrified and then run to Jesus for rescue. He speaks to the storm, the storm responds to the command of his voice and instantly becomes still. He then looks to his disciples and asks a very important question: “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?”

This reminds me of me. And you. This reminds me of us.

We are in constant need of reminding. If you follow Christ, you are following the One that has all power to accomplish anything he chooses. Another attribute of Christ is his “omnipotence.” This means he is all-powerful. Nothing exceeds his power. So all of the storms of life, both physical, relational and literal, fall under his power to rescue.

I am reminded yet again of the all-exceeding power of Jesus Christ. And that includes every area of my life. And yours.

What area of your life do you need the all-powerful Christ to rescue you?