I want a full band that rocks out every single week as much as the next pastor. I want to see our venue filled and God doing amazing things through a huge number of people coming under the same banner of unity. I want to see tons of different ministries happening through our church. I want the challenge of navigating growth just as much or more as any other pastor.

But I want God more. I want his best for us.

God has challenged our leadership to take a much slower approach to starting this church. We have been laboring in the foundations for quite a while. No band. Very few elements of creativity. No advertising. Again – there’s nothing at all wrong with those things. That is, unless God directs otherwise. And for us, that’s exactly what God has asked of us.

I want all of these amazing expressions of worship and growth for our church. But I want to see the power of God at work. Each Sunday, we are believing that God’s power is enough to use the little that we have in our hands to bring all glory to him. We are believing that God can use an acoustic guitar and a worship leader to bring him the highest praise we can give. We are believing that the Word of God being spoken with very few creative elements can show the power of God at work.

I want a band as much as the next guy. And most of the other stuff that comes along with healthy, creative churches. But it’s not now. It will come. Just not today.

I am so grateful that God directed us to start in this way. I’m enjoying the journey. I’m making new friends. And deepening friendships that I’ve had for years.

I want that, too. Just not now.