I have always been wired to chase after things that have never been done. To take new ground. To go after huge dreams. But the more we continue to move forward at Center City Church, the more I find myself looking back.

I am so overwhelmed and encouraged by the stories of the pastors that have gone before me in Charlotte. The pastors that poured out their lives for God, for their family and for this community. I have been captivated by the story of Alfred Garr, an evangelist that put down roots in the 1930’s in Charlotte. He prayed over and over and over again for the people that lived in this city. He asked God unashamedly for miracles. And miracles happened. Over and over and over again.

The very streets that I am walking and praying each week in Uptown Charlotte are the same streets that Dr. Garr walked and begged God for miracles. And I’m so encouraged that the same God that answered his prayers is the same God that hears our cries for this community.

I want something old. Tried. True. Tested. The power of God, unadulterated and unfiltered. I want to see miracles. And I am asking God to do what he has already done. To show his miraculous, unmatched power in this city.