Affection and gratitude. These are two things that reside deeply inside each one of us, yet all too often never make it above the surface of our lives. The simple spoken words of “I love you” can change a person’s day. The act of expressing gratitude brings life to others in our world. I have been challenged recently to not just feel these things, but to express them.

And it’s not just in my relationships with family and friends.

My affection and gratitude for Jesus is immeasurable. And it helps me to end my times of prayer, Bible study or journaling with those five words: I love you. Thank you! It helps me to deepen my affection and gratitude for the Lord when I speak it out (or write it down).

There is a love that was given to me by the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross that is overwhelming. My gratitude for this gift of life is immense. And I’m finding that when I speak it out (or write it down), it solidifies my affection and gratitude that much more.

I encourage you today to speak out these five words today (or write them down). It can be to your family, friends or in your prayers to God.

Say it with me: I love you. Thank you!