I find myself walking around this morning today saying “I LOVE TODAY” over and over again. I know it sounds a tad silly, but it’s true. I love today because we are having our weekly gathering for Center City Church this morning at our house. It is one of the highlights of my week. I absolutely love getting together with the people that we love, hanging out, eating together and then learning and growing in our faith together.

We are talking about what happens when someone’s life is genuinely impacted by Christ today. You can read in Mark 1:40-45, Acts 9:1-22 and Acts 16-:22-34. When Christ changes people, they begin to talk.

How do we perpetuate the message of Christ to Charlotte? Allow spaces for Christ to change our lives. When that happens, it’s a natural response to talk about it. Read for yourself 🙂

I love today!