I am so incredibly blessed. I absolutely love the life God has blessed me to live. I have had so many cool moments with Dara and the kids this week.

Max turned five this week and we had a really fun party for him. Max and I have already made it to level three on LEGO Indiana Jones. He is always Indy. I’m his little helper along the way. Mary has simply melted me this week with her hugs and kisses and adorable way about her. Jack has picked up jumping. A lot. Off of anything and everything that is too high for an almost two year old to jump from. Dara and I went to the Bucs/Panthers game on Monday. Any moment with her and I alone is amazing, especially when there’s 65,000 people around you at a football game. 🙂

I have also had an awesome week at both of my jobs. Hope is growing and we are seeing lives changed by God on a weekly basis. People are getting plugged in and getting involved in our community.

My time at Caribou Coffee has been incredible. I love meeting new people everyday from all different walks of life. I am learning so much from Desiree about how to balance excellent customer service with serving the perfect drink every time. The rest of the staff has been really helpful in my training, as well. I feel really blessed to be a part of such a great team that genuinely cares about doing things right and serving great coffee and espresso.

This has been a great week. I love this.