We are starting a new series at Center City Church this weekend titled “I Love Charlotte.” God loves this city. So should we.

We are going to be talking about ways that we can practically show our love for this town. We are all called to serve our community. But it starts with understanding the love that God has for the city. Not just our city. But cities all across the world.

There are examples all throughout the New Testament of the way that the disciples of Christ went to major cities and taught about Jesus. The message spread like wildfire. People were radically changed. Families were restored. Entire cities were impacted by the message of Christ.

In the same way that the disciples started their ministry of teaching in major cities, God has called each of us to do our part to spread the message of Christ to Charlotte. If you are a part of our church, please know that a new season is coming for our church. I’m so excited to share what God has placed on my heart for our town.

Let’s do this. Together.