I just finished my second day of training at Caribou Coffee in North Charlotte. I absolutely love it! I started my training yesterday on the register. I never realized how dumb I look every time I go into a coffeehouse and take forever staring at the board!

Today’s training was on the bar. I just found another thing that I really, really enjoy. The job of a barista has so much artistic flair. I never realized how much goes into making a latte or a cappuccino. I have so much new information in my brain now. For instance:

Did you know that how fast or slow you pour the steamed milk over the espresso completely changes the taste and weight of the drink? I didn’t. I do now.

I also feel like I’m getting a glimpse into why God opened this door. There have been so many opportunities to have genuine conversations with people from all different walks of life. I am so enjoying connecting with people and learning their stories. Some come in and out quickly, but others linger. The staff interacts when it gets slow. The conversations are fun and lively. The store manager, Desiree, has been training me. She is a phenomenal leader and she just knows her stuff. I love her passion for what she does. She inspires me to be a better leader.

The education continues tomorrow. My next adventure: blended drinks.