For those that were not able to join us on Sunday at Center City Church, I wanted to share with you an important announcement that we made regarding Pastor Will Morgan and his fiancee, Jennifer Torres.

Will and Jen will be moving to Jacksonville, FL to continue to pursue God’s call in ministry. I am so humbled by the investment that Will and Jen have made into our community. I honor them for the way that they have represented Jesus so well. And I am forever grateful for the way that have served and honored and supported the vision that God put in my heart for Center City. I simply cannot wait to see the fruit that comes from seeing them lead a ministry together.

Pastor Will was one of the first people to join our team to start Center City Church in the Uptown Charlotte community. After graduating from Southeastern University, Will turned down several opportunities to join our team and begin working on the early stages of Center City.

From the very beginning, Will and I discussed what we felt was a very intentional season of life for him. We recognized that God’s call on his life to lead a ministry would take him to great places and that we would be sensitive to the seasons of life. Will committed to pouring his life into our community. He has done that so well. It was beautiful to have a front row seat to the beginning of his relationship with Jen. And it’s been amazing to see their growth during this season of engagement.

I am sad to see our friends leave the Charlotte area, but I can’t help but feel the overwhelming excitement of seeing these two chase after God’s call. There is no feeling like it in the world, and I applaud them for their willingness to follow God.

We will be having a party for will and Jen at our house after their final service at Center City on August 15th. Join us if you are local and let’s send them off right!

A special, public note to Will, specifically: Thank you. Thank you for walking with me. Honoring me. Supporting me. I could not have imagined starting this church without you. I am forever grateful for your friendship and the value that you have added to my dream of starting this church.

I love you, friend.

(This is a “planned candid” of Will and I working at our normal spot at Central Coffee)