I pray that my home is the healthiest place in my life.

There are so many opportunities in this life to serve and help. Just this week I was blessed with the opportunity to help a group of church planters navigate the early days of their new churches. It took me away from home for four full days. But I came home. And home has never felt as good it does today.

Of all the relationships I have, I pray that my relationship with my wife and kids is the healthiest. Of all the friends I make along this journey, I pray that the friendship that has been cultivated between our family and those closest to us would be the healthiest friendships in our lives. Open. Honest. Accountable.

It is so easy to invest your life into so many different things. But unless the core of who you are is healthy, none of it is healthy. It may look good for a season, but that season will pass. Hurt, disappointment, burnout and fatigue will follow.

The source of all good in my life is Jesus Christ. Of all the relationships that I form, I pray that my relationship with Jesus is the most precious. The most alive. For when I find my relationship with Jesus alive and vibrant, I find life. True life.

This week was fun. But I am so ecstatic to be home.

That is where I am healthiest.