Jeremy Cowart had an idea. Find someone in need. Take their portrait. Print their portrait. And deliver them. He called it, very simply, Help Portrait.

This one idea sparked a social phenomenon that spanned the globe. Creatives of all types – photographers, graphic designers, lighting technicians, makeup artists, etc – came together in December 2009 to pull off one of the most unified movements the creative community has ever seen:

4,000+ photographers.
10,000+ volunteers.
600+ locations.
42 countries.
Over 42,000 pictures given.

Photographers were not just taking pictures. They were giving them. And along the way, they gave hope. They made people smile. And they gave a tangible gift of hope in the form of portraits delivered.

This moment that Jeremy (who I’ve never met) had got me thinking. What’s next? Where does the next global movement of love and compassion come from? Maybe it’s in you. Or me.

Always remember, one moment can start a movement. Big or small. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out and go for it! You might just start something much bigger than you imagined.

There are tens of thousands of people that benefited from one moment of creative thinking by Jeremy Cowart. What is next?