I am so excited for John and Ginny (almost) Gum to get married next weekend!

Dara and I have had the privilege of doing their marriage counseling for the past couple of months. We will be recommending a book to them that I would like to put on the radar for all you married and engaged couples out there. It’s called “Nightlight: A Devotional for Couples” by James Dobson.

This book helped Dara and I during our first six months of marriage immensely. One of my greatest fears was to become the spiritual head of my home. I had no clue how to do that. If we are all honest, I think most guys feel this way.

The reason this book was so helpful was it gave Dara and I a way to dialogue about spiritual things early in our marriage. Even if it was only ten or fifteen minutes before we went to bed, we decided to prioritize this time. I was able to pray over our marriage from the perspective of being the man of the household. Dara was able to get used to the fact that she was allowing me to assume this new role.

I liken this experience to growing into a coat that was too big at the beginning. I didn’t know how to assume this role, but every little devotional gave me a bit more confidence. 7 years later, we still stand upon that foundation that was set early in our marriage.

If you are young married couple, get your hands on this book and try it out. If you have already been married for a while and you haven’t tried something like this, check it out. It’s a great resource.

You will never regret putting God first in your family and in your marriage.