This past weekend was so meaningful to me and our entire leadership team at Center City. We enjoyed a wonderful service yesterday as we worked through Joshua 8. This is an incredible story of redemption and second chances. You can view online or download via iTunes if you want to check it out. There was such a sense of God’s love and power in the room.

I am loving the atmosphere that is being laid by Clark and Salina Beasley. They are absolutely phenomenal at leading us in worship and pointing our attention to God. And I certainly enjoy watching them stare up into the ceiling while singing at the top of their lungs as though they are making sure that God can hear them quite clearly 🙂

Our group is growing in their relationship with God and more and more people continue to come and dive into the beautiful community that is forming. I’m having a blast leading this church. I don’t feel overwhelmed or stressed. I feel healthy. I feel blessed. And I feel fully aware that all the great things that are happening are because of the incredible grace of God and his power at work in our lives. All praise to God for the season that we are in at Center City Church!