I had the privilege tonight to sit in a room with twenty men that have made a lasting impact on their communities. These twenty men are all very influential pastors of churches across America. This group came together to plan and strategize together on how to raise enough money to resource 500 new churches in America in the next three years. Amazing, God-sized goal. This endeavor will take $15 million dollars to accomplish. And these guys are all on board to use their influence to help reach this enormous goal.

I pray that my ministry is deep, meaningful and lasting. I sat in a room with twenty honorable men tonight. And I am inspired to make decisions today that ensure that I will be a healthy, faith-filled, full of vision pastor thirty years from now. And I also pray that Center City Church is able to contribute all that we can to this vision.

Thank God for men that have been down the road before me. May I learn from their experience and apply it to my life and ministry.