I feel like I’m still in the “getting to know you stage” with Uptown Charlotte.

Dara and I feel such a calling to serve this city. I am working one day a week at the Caribou Coffee in Uptown Charlotte. There’s something so incredible about working in one of the skyscrapers (BB&T Building) and serving the community God has called us to serve. I love giving our customers drinks that they love. I love getting to know people every time I’m here. I love working with great co-workers.

I was walking from one building to another today and looked out across the skyline. It’s starting to feel normal. It’s starting to feel as natural as breathing. This is the town that God has called us to serve. And I love living, breathing, walking and learning more about it as the days pass.

Lord, help us to understand our culture. Our distinctive traits. Our personality. Our needs. Help us to meet those needs both practically and spiritutally. Help us to get to know Charlotte.