Our world has been wonderfully filled with so many genuine and loving people from the creative community of Uptown Charlotte. We have made so many new friends that are painters, sketch artists, digital designers, musicians, etc. Every two weeks these artists showcase their work at a community event off of North Davidson Street (affectionately referred to as NoDa) called Gallery Crawl. The streets are lined with the work of local artists and live music. Incredible setting.

Dara and I spent hours tonight at Gallery Crawl with some amazing people from our world. I never knew that God would bless us with the opportunity to get to know such a talented, eclectic, genuine and inspiring group of people.

We walked talked, observed, listened and enjoyed great company. We landed at the Smelly Cat Coffeehouse for a while, then Tasty Yo Frozen Yogurt and then Amelies French Bakery. Each stop was filled with new people and engaging conversation.

I absolutely love what we are doing. Dara said it best tonight when she said the she can “feel” that area. It made sense to both of us when she phrased it that way. God has blessed us with the opportunity to build relationships with a group of people that we love more and more with each passing day.