I feel like one of the greatest callings on the life of Christ-followers is to bring people from intrigue to relationship. Let me explain.

We have an incredible group of people at Center City Church. One thing that I have heard over and again is that there is something “different” about our group of friends. Honestly, the only thing that’s “different” is that we have been changed by the forgiveness and love of our gracious God. We have a group of people that genuinely love each other, look out for each other, love spending time together, etc. But you can find that in a lot of places. The difference, in my opinion, between us and others that have not been introduced to Christ in a personal way is the fact that all good in our lives comes from Christ. And when we look at it from that perspective, it brings a healthy dose of humility and a genuine response to others in our life.

So many have been intrigued by what God is doing at Center City Church. I pray that never changes. But I also pray that we can show people the source of what is intriguing them. It’s Jesus. It’s always been Jesus. And he is at the center of who we are at Center City Church. He’s an intriguing person. And he’s a person that I want to introduce people to for the rest of my life.

One of the great joys of my life is the fact that I am making friends from all spiritual backgrounds. My goal in being friends with them is simply that: I want to be their friend. I can honestly say that if my friends never accept Christ as their savior, I will still be their friend. All I can do is be me and represent Christ in the best way I know how. If the conversation leads to their intrigue in this unimaginable love that I have found, I will gladly discuss this. After all, it’s my favorite topic.

I pray I (and we) do well in representing the love and life found in Christ in a practical and applicable way to others. From intrigue to relationship. It’s like two different bodies of land separated by a huge chasm. And the only bridge is Christ. I pray that countless numbers of people in our community find relationship with Christ. And their lives will be forever changed.