I may be the world’s most distractable person. I’m not even quite sure that distractable is a word. In fact, I know it’s not a word, but I think you catch what I’m trying to say. And chances are, so are you.

There are so many options on how I can fill my time. Family. Friends. Text messages. Twitter. Facebook. Phone. Internet. Entertainment. The list continues to grow. In all reality, I never have to be alone. Never. I can just pick up my phone and be connected with someone. This is a beautiful thing. But it’s also replacing a part of me that I am trying to recover:

Me. The real me. 

I find that I learn more about myself in silence. In times of prayer between myself and God. In times of reflection and rest. But these times are easily, and subconsciously, replaced by keeping myself busy. Sound familiar?

I think one of the great endeavors that we can choose to embrace is the endeavor to find silence. Times of rest and reflection. I can already hear you say it, “I’m too busy for that.” If we are all honest, we choose to be busy. Our choices keep us distracted and our thoughts occupied.

Try something for me today: carve out ten minutes of silence, rest and relaxation. See what happens when you turn off your phone, your computer and your accessibility. And see if those ten minutes lead to finding something that you possibly haven’t been familiar with in a while:

You. The real you.

In that moment, choose to include God. Talk to him. Tell him how you are feeling deeper than the surface level. Finding silence is a rare quest these days. Let’s choose to be different.