Got to sit in on Andy Stanley’s session today called Making Vision Stick. What a great communicator. Here is a portion of my notes from the session…

1. State it Simply

– What is the vision?
– Say it quickly, say it succinctly

2. Cast It Convincingly

A. Define The Problem
– If people don’t feel the weight of a problem, they’re not excited about the solution, EVER.
B. Offer a Solution
– How is your church a solution to a problem?
C. Answer why/why now
– Why should your church exist in our community now?

3. Repeat It Regularly

– No matter how many times you repeat it…your congregation will still ask about the vision.
– When you think you have repeated it enough…you haven’t.
– Vision doesn’t naturally stick…it leaks…recast it

4. Celebrate It Consistently

– Celebrate your wins
– Stories do more to clarify than anything else…DON’T MISS THE OPPORTUNITY.

5. Embrace it Personally and Publically