I am so grateful for each person who has invested into our family and into our dream to bring Hope to Charlotte. Our prayer is that every penny that has come to us would be planted in fertile soil. I pray that our lives, behind the scenes and in public, would be worthy of these investments.

We have had gifts that have ranged from an envelope with $3 cash to a family that has supported us at $1,000 per month for the past twelve months. We have learned that no amount is too small as it all adds up to enough. Amazing. We are so grateful for every last penny.

This season doesn’t last forever. We won’t always have to depend on outside fundraising to receive our pay, but this season of fundraising is equivalent to a bridge that is being extended to get us from one point (no guaranteed pay) to another as the church continues to grow and become healthy.

Thanks for your continued prayers. We’re twelve months in and still alive and kicking. God is faithful!