I am finding so many similarities between church planting and the gift of entrepreneurialism. I have seen it my whole life from my dad. He’s a magnet for new ideas and businesses that just seem to make sense in “niche markets”. Some of my earliest memories are seeing my dad head out on his days off to go sweep chimneys in Michigan. He found a market and did it with excellence.

In the same way, launching a church is like opening a new business. You find your niche in the community and begin to build from there. I think there may come a day that God releases me to use this interest in entrepreneurialism to open our own small business. Dara and I have a lot of ideas. However, I find myself being extremely cautious.

I am absolutely resolved in my position that we are called to minister first. There may come a day that we can cross-pollinate our lives with other ventures, but for now we are keeping our eyes fixed on the clear call to bring Hope to the Charlotte community.

I love life. I love the twists and turns. I love the adventure.